Now What?!


October 12 - November 20, 2020

The Now What?! Cafe opens on a regular schedule over the course of the gathering -- twenty six sessions in all -- on the Main Now What?! Zoom line.  

There is a Menu for the Cafe that changes weekly, shared below...

Now What?! Cafe

90 minute Zoom calls - drop in any time

Weekly UTC Times:
Mon 14:00 | Tue 23:00 | Wed 18:00 | Thu 11:00


See the "coffee colored" items on the calendar for local times and to RSVP

The Cafe is a place to...

  • Connect, network, and hang out

  • Get oriented to Now What?!

  • Promote your work

  • Exchange requests and offers

  • Participate in "Engagement Streams"

Orientation to Now What?!
A tour of the network map, calendar, website, etc.
Ask the Now What?! Oracle
Your personal questions answered via a playful journey through the Harvest from this edition of Now What?!  [How-to Guide]
Now What?! Reflections
Talk about what has touched you, moved you, or had meaning for you, and what might be possible for the next edition of Now What?!
Gift Circle
Share​ needs, requests, offers, and gifts
Empathy Circle
Listen deeply and reflect back what you hear from others, without judgment or the giving of any advice 
COVID-19 Sense-making
[Your item here]
Invite any conversation or activity you wish and go into your own breakout with whomever chooses to join you
Now What?! Cafe Menu
Week of April 27
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