Now What?!

Call Info & Calendar

October 12 - November 20, 2020

Five types of open Zoom calls are offered throughout the six weeks of Now What?!  See below for descriptions.  Most calls take place on the Main Zoom line.  Click on any entry in the calendar below to confirm Zoom info.

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Opening and Closing Gatherings

Ceremony to mark the beginning and the end of this edition of Now What?!  

Opening Gathering Calls (90 mins)

  • Please check back to see the schedule

Closing Gathering Calls (90 mins)

  • Please check back to see the schedule

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Now What?! Cafe

90 minute Zoom calls - drop in any time


Weekly UTC Times:
Mon 14:00 | Tue 23:00 | Wed 18:00 | Thu 11:00

(scroll down to calendar for local times)

The Cafe is a place to...

  • Connect, network, and hang out

  • Get oriented to Now What?!

  • Promote your work

  • Exchange requests and offers

  • Participate in "Engagement Streams"

Conversation and activity "menu"

(changes weekly)

Weekly Parties

In these times of crisis, uncertainty, and chaos, it is important to celebrate Life! 

Drop in any time to talk, laugh, play games, offer thanks, share stories, listen to music, & more

Fridays @ 00:00 and 14:00 UTC

Partner & Collective Member Calls

Many calls are hosted by organizations and initiatives that partner with Now What?! as well as by individual members of the Now What?! Collective 


See the Invitations blog for details about many of their offerings.

See more info about the Collective (including becoming a member) here and about Partners here

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