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Now What?!

Call Info & Calendar

October 12 - November 20, 2020

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Three types of open Zoom calls are offered throughout the six weeks of Now What?!  See below for descriptions.  Many calls take place on the Main Zoom line.  Click on any entry in the calendar below to confirm Zoom info.

Ceremony and Celebration Calls

Opening Gathering Call

Weekly Party Calls

  • Fridays @ 00:00 & 17:00 UTC

Closing Gathering Calls

  • November 20, 2020

  • 02:00 and 17:00 UTC (provisional)

Photo by Timothy Meinberg on Unsplash

Now What?! Cafe

90 minute Zoom calls

Drop in any time


Weekly UTC Times:
Mon 15:00 | Tue/Wed 24:00 | Wed 19:00 | Thu 12:00


(scroll down to calendar for local times)

The Cafe is a place to...

  • Connect, network, and hang out

  • Get oriented to Now What?!

  • Promote your work

  • Exchange requests and offers

  • Initiate any conversation or activity you like


Open Space Calls

Over the six weeks that Now What?! takes place, participants can extend invitations to gather for action, healing, connection, and support.  These often make use of Zoom, but you may employ any form of gathering and connecting that you wish, online or in-person. 

In addition to "general" sessions that can be one-off events of any kind, there are two special categories of Open Space sessions:

"Field Trips & Watch Parties" are virtual gatherings to visit a special place, witness an event, or watch a recording and then talk about it together.

"Engagement Streams" involve multiple sessions over the course of Now What?! and are often hosted by a group or organization in service to their work in the world

In addition to being listed on the calendar below, Open Space invitations are highlighted via the Invitations Blog.

To be eligible to add Open Space invitations, you must first become a member of the Now What?! Collective or an organizational Partner

The calendar below should default to your time zone --you can check that (and change it) in the lower right hand corner.
Click on any event for details and to locate the "Share" button to add it to your own calendar
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To add items to the calendar above, you must first become a member of the Now What?! Collective or an organizational Partner
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