Now What?!

Collective Members

October 12 - November 20, 2020

Individuals who commit to becoming members of the Now What?! Collective form the core group that convenes, hosts, and governs this global pop-up gathering.  It is up to each member to define their participation--you can see member commitments here.

To explore becoming a Collective Member, review the information below and then request a personal invitation conversation.

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Collective Member Invitation
  • THE POSSIBILITY: help form a global “pop-up” community in order to...

    • Co-create an experience of belonging and connection through a set of virtual and in-person gatherings that are awake and alive, make room for joy and grief, embrace uncertainty, and support us in transcending our fears

    • Generate an abundant flow of resources via a “pop-up gift economy” to nourish work we care about, and to support those of us who want to serve Gaia as our "day job”

    • Navigate the complexity of our current times by collectively sensing, making meaning, and taking action, via a highly flexible process based on live conversations that works for all time zones as well as multiple languages

    • Propagate this pop-up model in many forms, including the establishment of Now What?! as a regular semi-annual engagement

  • THE REQUEST: members of the Now What?! Collective are asked to frame their engagement by responding in writing to the questions below

    • Possibility: what declaration of possibility can you make that inspires you and that has the power to energize this Collective and the Now What?! gathering?

    • Participation: what promises do you wish to make about how you will show up?

    • Gift Economy: what do you promise to offer in support of Now What?! and/or its participants (e.g. time, money, services, etc.)

    • Sharing: what promises do you wish to make about communicating with other participants and to the wider world re your Now What?! experiences?

    • Needs: what requests do you have?  What commitments do you require?

    • Transformation: what are you ready to receive as a result of engaging in Now What?!  

      In addition, Collective members consent to being listed on this page of the Now What?! website, which also implies endorsement of the Now What?! Declaration of Possibility.


  • Additional Invitations for Collective Members 

    • Receive a participation dividend once this Now What?! edition is complete

    • Participate in the deliberative process for allocating project funding, including the option to nominate a project 

    • Create one or more roles for yourself in support of the convening and hosting of the Now What?! Deep Dives and/or the Now What?! Pop-up Gift Economy, and request a financial gift in return

    • Personally invite others to become Collective Members

    • Join conversations with Collective Members about the Now What?! processes and about becoming a community and/or “guild”

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