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The player above links to the Sonic Spring Sound Garden radio station, which can also be accessed using the following link:
More about the Sound Garden here

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day works its way around the globe on April 22nd, the Now What?! Collective invites you on a journey of sound.  The sounds of nature, music, song, poetry, prose, and conversation.  Please join us to celebrate a Sonic Spring!


In 1962, Rachel Carson’s warning of a Silent Spring launched the environmental movement.  Now in 2020, as Spring comes to the North, the roar of the world-devouring machine run by the developed nations of that hemisphere is diminished.  In this pause, we invite those of you who are privileged with the time and capacity to reflect on the beautiful gift that is Life to gather and listen.   


Listen to the sounds of Pachamama, our one and only home. 


Listen to the voices of those who struggle on the front lines for justice, for healing, for the rights of nature, and for an economy that serves Life.


Listen to the voices of those who grieve.


Listen to your own heart's call to take responsibility for what you love, as an act of service.


Listen to the glorious creativity of the human spirit.


Listen to the tiny viral messenger that has called us to stop and to understand that we are all in this together, interdependent on one another and on the web of life of which we are but one small, temporary part. 

Image: in Gaia's Eyes, Tom Brown 2017

Sonic Spring is part of the Now What?! global gathering from March 23-April 30 on the art of being fully human in a time of crisis.  The gathering is a commons and gift economy for collectively navigating the complexity of our times, in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity.
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