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Now What?!

Conversation Harvest

October 12 - November 20, 2020

Now What?! participants are invited to harvest key information, insights, and resources from their conversations.  These can include short videos you record, written notes, links to materials you have found valuable, etc.   This harvest serves as part of the public record of what emerged from this Now What?! edition, and can be used in a variety of ways, from the serious to the creative to the playful.

Text "Jewels" & Notes
Polished Stones

Share short written reflections, aka "Jewels"  using this form.  Add notes to this Google Drive folder

See the Jewels that have been submitted here

Raw Silk

Share resources such as written materials, videos, courses, conferences, etc. using this form


See the resources that have been submitted here as well as on individual profiles on the Network Map

Video Harvests
Proposal Council pic.jpg

Share links to short video harvests from your small group conversations using this form

See the videos that have been submitted via the Now What?! YouTube channel

Streams of Engagement Playlist
lydia music.jpg

Add to the Streams of Engagement music playlist by emailing your request -- please specify a single piece of music, not an entire album!

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

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