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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Sonic Spring: Listening to Nature (90% no screen)

Here is a simple Earth Day activity you can undertake on your own or with others, which gains meaning from the knowledge that others may do the same thing and share their results with you.

You can do this activity on our own or with others. If you are able to go outside, take a walk in a favorite place. If you are stuck indoors, look for some natural object in the space where you are and find a comfortable place to sit with it. Follow the prompt below as a focus for reflection. When you are done, take some pictures. Share an image and some words about your experience in one of three ways:

  • Post to the Now What?! Facebook Group (if you aren't a member, request to join before you start your reflection)

  • Add a comment on this blog

  • Send an email to

  • Record a message on WhatsApp and send it to [number coming soon!]

Prompt for Reflection

If you are taking a walk, tune into your surroundings and find something that "speaks" to you. If you are indoors, tune into the object you have selected. Listen to what you have selected--imagine that it can speak to you as a voice representing a particular domain on the more-than-human world.

What are you being asked to celebrate?

What are you being asked to grieve?

What are you being asked to pay more attention to?

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