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Welcome to the Now What?! Cafe...

We will spend the first 10 minutes listening to music.  While we do, please take a look at the "menu" below

[Your item here]
Invite any conversation or activity you wish and go into a breakout with whomever chooses to join you
Orientation to Now What?!
A tour of the network map, calendar, website, etc.
Ask the Now What?! Oracle
Your personal questions answered via a playful journey through the Harvest from this edition of Now What?!  [How-to Guide]
Now What?! Reflections
Talk about what has touched you, moved you, or had meaning for you, and what might be possible during the remaining weeks of Now What?!
Gift Circle
Share​ needs, requests, offers, and gifts
The Noticing Game
An "authentic relating" game​ for two or three people, using the innovative new VoiceVoice platform
US Election Sense-making
Now What?! Cafe Menu
October 12 - November 20, 2020
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