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Now What?!

Deep Dive Conversation Process

October 14 - November 22, 2019

Small groups engaging in "Deep Dive" conversations are the core of Now What?! 


These conversations can happen on the General Deep Dive calls that are open to anyone (see the call schedule here), as well as in sessions that participants organize themselves, inviting the people they wish to engage with, and creating a specific context that is most relevant to that group.

General Deep Dive
Conversation Process

This is the suggested process for the sessions that take place on open Zoom calls, in which participants may not know one another and may be approaching a given Deep Dive theme from a variety of different personal contexts. 

If you are scheduling and convening your own session, where you are choosing your fellow participants as opposed to one of these open calls, you are invited to frame a more specific "micro-context" within one of the six Deep Dive themes, and to offer a "calling question" of your choosing.

All steps except #3 are "rounds," with each participant taking a turn to speak briefly to the prompt.  The suggested timing is for a 45 minute conversation.

  1. Briefly introduce yourselves (5 min round)

  2. SET THE CONTEXT (5 min round)
    Describe your respective personal contexts for exploring this Deep Dive theme.  How might exploring this theme with others matter to your work and/or personal life?  

  3. SENSING (20 mins, open conversation)
    What "data" matters to you regarding this theme?  What do you know?  What do you want to know?  What resources can you point to that might support the other members of your group in their inquiries?  Focus on what you know and don't know, as opposed to offering opinions.

  4. MEANING MAKING (10 min round)
    After SITTING IN SILENCE for a few minutes with the following prompts, take turns sharing briefly: 
    --What are you noticing? 
    --What feelings, images, and metaphors are coming up, and are there any gestures that express these?
    --What needs are coming up for you
    --How might what you have heard today affect choices you are making?
    --What are the conversations you want to have next, and with whom?


  5. APPRECIATION (5 min round)
    Thank one another and highlight any specific things someone did or said that touched or moved you during your conversation.


Once your conversation is complete, make sure at least one person takes a bit of time to contribute to the written collective harvest based on what took place. 

If this conversation is on a General Deep Dive call, there will be a harvest recording made once everyone is back in the "main room."  If this session was independently convened, consider recording a "harvest round" with all participants, uploading it, and sharing the link via this harvest form.

For General Deep Dive Calls:
Enter Your Preferences into the Spreadsheet Below
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