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October 12 - November 20, 2020

21 Questions for 2020 Engagement Stream

In “21 Questions for 2020,” I offer a weekly question and my own response, seeking to bring more of us into conversation about the urgent issues of our time, in unconventional ways. This engagement stream invites participation in an open-ended inquiry that is willing to entertain the possibility of radically new answers, while also being unafraid to admit how much we do not know.

One of my fundamental questions has to do with the relation of Matter to Spirit. In a time of grave personal, political and planetary distress and disruption, with so many species going steadily into the night of extinction, I am wondering: Is our current predicament entirely about matter—a situation for the earth scientists to study, diagnose and solve? Or is there also a component of spirit involved in the vast global changes we are living through now?

I suspect that what we need now is an alchemical union of opposites: the heretofore dominant masculine-intellectual-competitive-hierarchical-separation modes of knowledge joining with the feminine-emotional-collaborative-horizontal-inclusive approaches. Not either/or, but both/and; with the heart-mind perhaps the most important union of all.

This series will offer open-hearted entry points for collective, collaborative engagement with the urgent search for out-of-the-box, heart-centered wisdom that can help humanity navigate the tumult of our era with grace. All seekers welcome!

You can read the Introduction to the series here. The first few Questions and my mini-essay responses can be found here. Please add your thoughts via the blog comments, my Transition Times Facebook page, or the Now What?! Sutra platform. I'm also planning a call on April 20 from 3-4pm EDT (local times and RSVP here) to dig into some of these ideas more deeply. Looking forward to engaging with you!

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