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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Chaos: Finding Peace in the Midst. BE with my ART to Learn to BE. Find calm. BE

Our purpose is to unblock our creativity together. We are ALL ARTISTS

Finding Happiness is Finding Peace & Being in our Kairos. Learning to BE.

What is your key? We all have a key. Unlock the door to your soul. Freely BE. Chaos is a state of being. We daily have a choice. BE, learn to BE.

How do you express your soul? Let's gather. If you have art supplies, crayons, color pencils, a pen, paper, canvas, your ipad or computer; bring it! Let's express with art. As we create, we will sing, dance, & share. This is an introduction to an intuitive creative writing online course offered by Alexia. Art is expression of our soul and comes in many forms.

*General instructions will be given in the chat. If you are not a native English speaker, DM me prior to the gathering so I can google translate the instructions for you. We will create art together, dancing and singing to the music. If there is music you would like to listen to, send it my way prior to the gathering. The goal is to unleash our creativity free form collectively!*


Alexia’s courses have a 9.7/10 on Coursemarks:

We are all creative. Learn more about the online creativity in writing course:

Opening Ceremony Day of NOWWHAT?!2021: Monday April 19, 2021 from 4pm-5pm EST.[prior to the second opening gathering!]

Sign up here:

[This engagement was Inspired by the 6 conversations on 'Gifts' facilitated by Dita with Rick, Collective Members]

Learn more about Alexia Georghiou, her Books & ART:

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