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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Embodied Activism Series

When we voice passion into being, we deepen our belonging; to Earth, to each other. This springs from our bonded relationship with the Earth and the Natural World. Vitality is in living and speaking our truth.

This connection to our Earth-Body is irrefutable and ancient. It is also the connection we have with each other in spite of decades of attempts to colonize our wildness. Discerning, nourishing, amplifying and courageously promoting the voice of the Earth that lives in each one of us is embodied co-creative climate activism.

Colonization mutes, silences and limits our passion. To erase it, we articulate vision with unswayable conviction. Colonization of the mind coupled with the debilitating impacts of climate crisis and the COVID pandemic, escalates the despair that is reaching epic proportions daily. The antidote is embodied activism. Regardless of the weight of these existential threats, passion is always available to us, ready and waiting for us at the gateway of our own sensitivity; challenging us to rise up.

Embodied Activism springs us out of despair into wildness. It is the very force of life that brought us to incarnate at this auspicious and daunting time so that we come forward and act boldly. .

Embodied Activism offers a vital, present antidote to human domestication.

Embodied Activism breaks the rules of etiquette. It opens the willingness to challenge. It does not deny the personal; quite the opposite. Embodied Activism releases our full and active emotional expression; the rage and love that gets us out of our chairs and puts us wildly to work to pursue the dreams that only an entire planet can dream, a dream of freedom, equity, health, social and economic justice, and the right to thrive for everyone.

Our Earth family is convening. We are awakening into unbridled reclamation. There is no time to waste. Come back to your voice, the one you will remember from your early years. Claim your birthright to voice for the Earth, for future generations, and for your Earth-Body.

Join members of the Climate Change & Consciousness community in a series of free Embodied Activism opportunities:

Crisis & Courage: Earth Day & CCC Second Anniversary

Embodied Activism in Action: Story Telling with Aunty Kali and Joy

Embodied Activism: Yoga For Healing Grief

Embodied Activism: Voice Your Truth

Embodied Activism: Practical Steps for Creating Emotional and Physical Intimacy with Mother Earth


Artists credit: Deborah Milton. Learn more about Deborah Milton's art here.

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