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Now What?!

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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Welcome to the Oct-Nov 2020 Edition of Now What?!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Whether you are new or are a returning participant, you are welcome in this global gathering and gift economy.

Now What?! pops up, mushroom-like, from the "mycelial mat" of the movement of movements for fundamental, positive shifts in the human presence on Mother Earth. It is a time of crisis. Some would say "collapse." Others speak of both a "great unraveling" and a "great turning." Whatever the future holds, it has been clear to those of us who have been coming together in these spaces since March 2019 that we are continually being called to practice the art of being fully human.

In a 2008 piece entitled "Crisis Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities," collective intelligence and wise democracy apostle Tom Atlee wrote: "I've come to believe that things are getting better and better and worse and worse, faster and faster, simultaneously." Later, Tom added "...and in more and more complex ways" to this saying which only seems to become more and more apt with each passing year/month/week/day.

In this context of ever accelerating change and complexity, two things stand out about the upcoming edition of Now What?!

  1. The agenda of calls and the context for gathering and connecting is much more open than has been the case with past iterations, when invitations for conference weaving, "deep dives," and "engagement streams" were defined in advance of each edition

  2. We will be together during the US elections and their immediate aftermath

The first item means that you have an opportunity, should you wish to take it, to initiate the conversations, activities, and connections that will help define our collective experience over the next six weeks. The second item challenges us as sense-makers and activists, as a result of both the potential impact of what might happen on November 3rd and over the weeks that follow, and the larger reality that in no matter what happens in this election, we will still be facing an interlocking set of crises related to justice and equity, the environment, the goals and guidelines for our economic systems, and much more. And we must face the truth that even our most "functional" political systems have not only failed to address these crises, but are in fact deeply complicit in fostering them.

As we enter these next dramatic weeks together, who chooses to show up for Now What?! and how they choose to engage with one another will be an emergent journey--one that features an open invitation to take shared ownership of the agenda and of the infrastructure that supports our capacity to connect and to cultivate a field of generosity. We do know a few things already, however, about the intentions, gifts, and requests, of the 50 people who have already registered for this edition as of October 9. Here's a sample of what some of them wrote when they signed up...

Why it is important to me to participate in this edition of Now What?!

To stay current with what others around the world are thinking and planning at this critical time in history

More than ever we need to share and apply what we have learned

My work on developing grassroots to global deliberation processes on conscious system change is getting to the point where I want to share more widely

I would have the opportunity to expand my network and show case my work in Sierra Leone to international donors

It's a tradition! I need other people to help do sense-making

I have been working on these issues my entire life

Gifts I am bringing:

My time and curiosity and whatever I could add to make the flow going

A finger on the pulse of transformation initiatives globally.

Two movements that bring energy... from my dance traditions that are ready to be shared with the world.

Emergent collective wisdom, [and] expertise in brain sciences, aging, and health

I am hoping to share my own knowledge in the areas of contemporary Indigenous art

My many years of research, teaching and publishing two books about making friends with Death

Experience, widespread knowledge of what is going on our beautiful planet, a passion to co-create a metamorphosis of human society and our relation to nature, the planet and our souls.

Any time, labor, knowledge, skills, and connections that I can provide to anybody in the community in need of it.

Requests I would like to make known to other participants:

I request prayers for our earth, our human and animal friends and all sentient beings.

My requests are to continue to connect and learn whatever my human essence can about all existence that is present on this planet I inhabit. To be part of and in service of continued balance of this eco- system, both practically and emotionally.

Check out the Empathy Circles and Activate Flow events on the calendar.

Through "From What Is to What If," we are inviting all Now What?! participants to share your visions for the future and stories of community resilience-building with our national network.

Namibia is still rising in consciousness. We are slowly moving. Please keep your advice and experiences open for collaborating.

Please understand DEEP listening

Unconditional love and belonging, a willingness to learn and grow with me

Engage with the real suffering happening around the world.

If you are not already among those who have said "yes" to the invitation to enter this field of generosity and explore ways to practice the art of being fully human in this time of crisis, please consider joining us!

Registration and practical details are at

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