Now What?!

The art of being fully human in a time of crisis

October 12 - November 20, 2020

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Welcome to this global gathering and gift economy for collectively navigating the complexity of our times, in order to support action, build community, foster healing, and unleash generosity

Now What?! is a way to...

Grow relationships

Learn together

Find project support

Find new opportunities

Find personal support

Be of service

Read the Now What?! Declaration of Possibility for more about the specific vision and intentions behind this gathering

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Now What?! supports personal and collective development for people searching for community and insight in these challenging times...  I am honored to be part of this and grateful that I can participate in a number of ways, all serving different aspects of my own growth as a human being grappling with our massive existential emergency.

I see more clearly how the relationships of trust that I'm building with people all over the world are leading to a tipping point, where a global community can intervene in the ecocidal trajectory, and steer spaceship earth toward more resilient horizons - by coming together and being curious and generous.

Now What?! cultivates new possibilities for adaptation in accordance with nature and our higher selves -- shining a spotlight on our interconnected web of life, so we may see clearly the patterns of tapestry we can weave together to create something truly meaningful for everyone.

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Opportunities to learn, receive/offer support for projects, create healing, and more, hosted by a variety of Now What?! Partners and Collective Members. 

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