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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Be A Voice for Our Living Earth

CCC Anniversary Celebration: WALKING THE LAND ~ What Keeps Us Going?

Wednesday April 29

Walking the Land (WTL) is an initiative launched in April 2019 by indigenous activists from three continents (Amazonia, Oceana and Africa)  at the first Climate Change & Consciousness gathering at the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland in April 2019. Conference members joined to support indigenous led community projects, and the current CCC Community expands and amplifies their efforts to address the ravages of climate change and colonialism in indigenous communities. CCC is building infrastructure to collect increased monetary support, provide consultation for project development and weave initiatives with supportive networks such as Now What?!

Please join CCC and Now What?! in intimate, authentic conversations with some of the Walking the Land indigenous leaders on Wednesday, April 29 from 1-3pm PDT (Local times, RSVP, and Zoom info here). Hear the details of their projects, stories of their land and their peoples, and how CCC assists to achieve some of their goals in the face of the climate crisis. The theme of this event is WHAT KEEPS US GOING? This is an inspiring opportunity to connect with the diverse CCC communities and their forward movement. More can be seen at

We will also celebrate the connection between CCC and Now What?! -- two initiatives that have grown and evolved through a mutually supportive relationship with one another, and which are both moving into dynamic new territory as a result.

You will meet:

Ousmane Aly Pame, talking about the progress in Senegal in regenerating the land through his REDES project:

Joy Foley, founder, of the Peace Valley Bush Retreat, and Aunty Kali of the first people of the region where they are living on the land and in The Gift, with intention also to help the Murray Darling Watershed in Australia:;

Haru & Hayra Kuntanawa, leaders of the one of 10 tribes in Acre, Brazil, where their way of life and river is seriously threatened now. They will speak of their new campaign to help restore healthy living conditions for the people and the Amazon forest:;

donate here to the Kuntanawa Circle of the Stars campaign for food and water security:

Join Zoom: (more Zoom info here)

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