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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Climate Change & Consciousness Anniversary Celebration

🌎🌍🌏 Everyone is invited to join the Climate Change & Consciousness events happening over the next few weeks.🌎🌍🌏

This is a celebration that marks the 1 year anniversary of CCC19, the first Climate Change & Consciousness Conference which was a catalyst snowball of positive action all around the globe by people who prioritize being a voice and steward for our living Earth.

From the conference grew a social network, and from that is currently growing a further evolution of Climate Change & Consciousness which is a cauldron of inner and outer climate activism that offers transformational events, courses, and supports climate resiliency projects through collaborating with indigenous and non-indigenous partners around the globe.

CCC offers the following event series at no charge in the spirit of the gift of generosity and connection in the time of pandemic. The recording will be sent to all who are signed up for our mailing list. 

However, we do invite your reciprocity through a suggested donation of any amount through our website since these funds make events like these and all our related initiatives possible. Go to our website to make your donation.

We also welcome you into our community and would love to hear how you may want to participate as an active CCC Community member.

One way to hop in right now is to join CCCNET , the social network just for the CCC community!

🧶🕸We are weaving these events with Now What?! and The TARA Approach connecting the global community of climate change adapters!

🌿You can register for all of these free events at

📆 Receive FB calender reminders by joining these event pages:

Visit us at to subscribe to our mailing list

Like our Facebook page

join the greater CCC community at CCCNET

Email us with any inquiries and interest for involvement at

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