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October 12 - November 20, 2020

Project HappinessSeekers: A Capacity Building Initiative to Manage Anxiety & Build Resilience

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

What? Corona is creating havoc, shattering lives in more ways than one. Our brain is not used to the kind of barrage of emotions it is experiencing due to Corona crisis. The sad news of suicide by the Finance Minister of Germany, is just tip of the iceberg. Health system and the entire machinery is busy reacting to what is growing exponentially. Hence, it is not even feasible to think of requirements for mental health and emotional well-being.

So what ? People are anxious, fearful, sad, angry and in grief. Desperate to locate happiness, many are trying to distract themselves and are busy doing and over doing things at home. Note, they are DOING and hardly BEING. If we do not attend to our emotional well-being now, we will end up creating another catastrophe due to impending mental health challenges.

Now what ? In lock down situation, homes have become offices and people are involved in online meetings. It presents an opportunity to teach them simple and effective, easy to do practices to manage anxiety and build resilience. It also opens up ways to Be more and Do less. 

What is this asking me to be ? It is asking me to show-up and be fully present, and offer what has heart and meaning for me and for the world. My response is in the domain of emotional well-being and happiness.

What is this asking me to do ? It is asking me to offer online sessions (Manage Anxiety and Build Resilience in C Times), as open online events and for organisations. In these sessions individuals will learn skills to build resilience and manage their anxiety attacks. I have already offered four such sessions in week of 21st March, attended by 70 people from across the globe. I am ready to offer 30 more sessions in April-May 2020.

My Offering: HappinessSeekers program for capacity building of individuals through open public offering and on request of organisations, by offering two hour session on zoom. It is highly experiential, to teach seven activities anchored in neuro-science, gratitude, mindfulness, humour, body, breath, sounds of aum, bells and conch.  


If you care for your own emotional well-being and that of your teams, please connect at and schedule a session in April.

If you care for your own emotional well-being and that of your teams, please connect at and schedule a session in April.

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