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October 12 - November 20, 2020

I wonder what will happen next...

A loaded question, filled to the brim with curiosity, excitement, mystery, and anticipation. And perhaps a dash of nervousness?

Remember the feeling of young love? The attraction, the unexplainable sense of connection, and the chemistry? All your cells becoming alive, as if they have all been hit by Cupid’s arrow themselves? Jubilation and exhilaration both an understatement. You can’t wait to see her or him again and to spend quality and fun time together. It is not something you can predict or control.

You simply jump into this delicious river of the unknown and delight, with a constant flood of sensations rushing through your veins and lustrous feelings bursting forth from your heart. You are no longer the same person. These mysterious encounters and the unsaid fearlessness to experience more, have transformed you into a gutsy, wild, passionate, and almost reckless being. You give it your all. There is no holding back. You know there is more to discover and experience. And you silently say YES to Life and this riveting new experience!

There are no guarantees, no gurus, and no experts to guide you. It is totally up to you to have an authentic experience. None of the 8 billion other humans can experience and perceive the same. It is unique. It is real. It is powerful. Moreover, it is undeniable and unstoppable.

Romancing the Unknown

Imagine this is how humanity now approaches this dance with life - the uncertainty, the innuendos, the unexpected, the nuances, the disruption, the perceived chaos, the new - here in the latter half of 2020? I wonder what will happen next? Showing up fully AND fearlessly taking each next step? A delightful date with destiny? Not a romance born from fear, but one ignited from curiosity, connection, chemistry, mystery, and delight? (Is a romance even possible when birthed from fear? I doubt it.)

Easier said than done, you may murmur. Our human condition or is it rather our human conditioning, might make us suspicious and we may think this is wishful thinking. But what if it is not? What if this is all possible? Will you at least give it a try? What do you have to lose? Even holding the thought contributes to making it real, to manifesting and enjoying such an incredible experience. Hence, hold that thought close to your heart.

But…how can this even be possible? We are aware that a seed needs the perfect conditions and environment to root, sprout, shoot through the soil towards the sun, blossom, and flourish. How is such a romance possible in the current world circumstances? It is most definitely not the best conditions for a romance of this nature! We need a complete paradigm shift, which is not an easy matter for humans who find security in constancy. Or maybe it is possible! Have you given it a go?

Well done if you did. If you have not, hear me out and do not give up on such a possibility. DH Lawrence’s words, the great virtue is the real courage to face facts and live beyond them, are something to contemplate on and consider. What if there are hidden treasures and blessings in disguise in current conditions? What if there are such fertile ecosystems and environments available to humanity to re-ignite our romance with life itself, so all can flourish and be thrilled? A fertile space to prepare the soil to plant new seeds and to be nourished ourselves? A space where we can turn our scars into stars?

Wishcrafting Now What?! Bridge to the abundant Now!

In 2019 I discovered the Now What?! Journey and Community of change-agents and facilitators, pioneering souls, creatives, activists, dreamers, visionaries, and the likes from around the world. Like-minded, like-hearted, passionate, caring, and inspiring souls, who all make this world a better place. I mostly dropped into online Café’s and was merely a visitor and not an active participant.

In April 2020, I joined the Sound Garden Initiative during the Earth day celebrations. It was then that I discovered the true value of getting involved in such initiatives. It was life transforming. Besides co-creating an extraordinary experience by recording natural sounds, such as bird song, for a few days, it was the people that I have met and co-created with, who enriched my life, and whom I am deeply grateful for. Precious new friendships were fostered, whilst becoming aware of the wondrous projects and initiatives others so generously share with the world.

It is one of the most fulfilling experiences to be present when others share their dreams, visions, and projects with you. It is like when you show your new born the first time to loved ones and friends. And even more so when others provide support and assistance to make those dreams real. And when you find yourself in a loving, kind, nurturing, stimulating, supportive, and uplifting space, you can’t help but align your personal universe.

The art of being fully human during times of crisis!

Our humanness is at the core of current world events. The theme of the What Now?! 2020 Journey, from 12 October to November 2020, is what attracted me to show up fully, participate, co-create, and give a full yes! For us at the Joy Generation it is all about Who Now? Instead of focusing on what is wrong or no longer working, we focus on what is strong, the human spirit and all our incredible abilities and sensibilities to co-create a better world for all. There is thus complete alignment, resonance, and synergy.

Instead of me telling you about this journey and its significant vision, why do you not grant yourself a personal direct experience, by joining one of the events? This way you get a first-hand experience. I prefer to share why I feel Now What 2020?! Is the place to be right now:

1. Break out of your social bubble, expand your horizon and perceptions, access and explore life-giving and life-sustaining possibilities in a safe, loving, supportive environment

2. Experiment with a gift economy together with like-minded and like-hearted souls

3. Discover fertile soil to plant new seeds and a playground to share your ideas, dreams, visions, projects, initiatives, and delight. Here you can share required support and assistance needed, co-create, cultivate fruitful relations, experiment with new paradigms and ways, share magical experiences, and prototype your ideas

4. Nourish your mental, spiritual, emotional, creative, and physical well-being

5. The perfect environment and space to embrace and explore questions such as these: I wonder what will happen next? What next step shall I take? Whereto from here? What is calling me forth? What is not holding me back?

6. A wise man said, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. What Now?! is the perfect space to orientate, centre, and ground yourself, as you explore what else is now possible and move into the world. Here you can immerse yourself in numerous activities and surround yourself with like-hearted and like-minded people, whilst building courage to take the next step. It could simply be a new way of being or thinking.

7. A wondrous space to fall in love with life and nature again; also our true nature. Time for a new love affair and adventure.

I had such a shift when I moved from give-to-get participation and observing visitor, to a share-receive showing up fully, active contributor and co-creator. I feel a personal deepening and my experience of Now What? transformed, not because of what is so generously shared during gatherings and events, but because of me saying Yes from a place of integrity and showing up more joyful and fully. It is up to me!

Journey into Wholeness

A magical co-creation unfolded spontaneously during one of the Now What?! Cafes. Self-care is usually last on our list and we can easily feel disconnected and overwhelmed at this time. Join Bansi, Vicki and myself on 3 and 15 November 2020, at 14h30 London and 9h30 New York time, as we share an Embodied, Interactive Experience with live harp; which includes deep listening, meditation, gentle movement, breath-work, and collective sounding. We intend to support self-care and wholeness. Via Zoom -

Are you ready for a new romance with life? Ignite a new Spark!

You are welcome to visit the Now What?! web home, and our Joy Generation web nest, We share downloadable interactive workshops and mini-workshops, to enable us to expand our perception, and to experiment with whole-person, whole-system, integrative, creative, and embodied thinking, and sensemaking experiences, whilst we sense for joy, a state of equilibrium.

It is good!

Hannelie Venucia, Joy Generation

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