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October 12 - November 20, 2020

The Prophecy of the Great Brightening

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

As I take in some of the offerings from other members of the collective, I've been thinking about how it might be fun to create the ending of the story together. 

There are 6 chapters that are written to play with and question is...

How might the group collaborate to end the story?

So I offer the writing at the link below in the spirit of the gift. 

I request that you read the story or take in the video content (linked below) in a relaxed space after some self care. 

(Don't try to take it in if you aren't able to.) 

Then, consider gifting something in response that arises from connecting to the story-world.

Some possibilities:

  • a drawing/painting/artwork

  • a song

  • a performance as one of the characters

  • a scene you write

  • a scene you improvise with others

  • an account of your personal experience that the story touches upon.

From these gifts, and from our explorations during the live sessions, we'll explore how the final session can become a co-creation, where we'll create the ending together.

You can also access the video content of chapters one, two, and three below.

Below is the zoom link to get you into The Prophecy Story session this Friday at 6 PM EST. 

-Rick Feltington

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